I’m excited to endorse Anna Versalle for 97th President of JCI Michigan. Since becoming a member in 2010, she has jumped in with both feet, quickly becoming a leader locally and joining state committees. I admire Anna’s commitment to growing as a leader – and bringing that knowledge and experience to the local members. As President, I know she has the vision to set JCI Michigan on the right path for long term success, with a true focus on what is important: building opportunities for members and creating an inclusive community.  – Jamie Hekker, JCI Greater Muskegon

I’m happy to endorse Anna Versalle for 97th President of JCI Michigan. Since joining the organization in 2015 and attending many leadership conferences since then, I’ve witnessed Anna step up to various roles on the state board and involving herself in programs for JCI USA, such as Leadership Fellows and North American Academy. Anna’s passion for JCI has consumed her and she is someone I can proudly call a friend and role model. As President, her inspiration is going to set a path of success for JCI Michigan in 2021 and beyond as she continues to focus on membership inclusion and to help inspire and build leadership within others. – DJ Campbell, Westland Area Jaycees

I am supporting Anna Versalle for her bid to be our JCI Michigan 97th president. I really got to know Anna at my very first state conference back in Feb 2018 when JCI Michigan ended the year in Lansing. At that time Anna was serving on the board for President Peter’s year and I watched all the hard work and dedication she put into making sure conference was not only a great time for all that attended but that the conference ran well. I learned then that Anna was a leader and someone who was dedicated to JCI Michigan to making sure we succeeded no matter what we faced. I have since become very close to Anna seeking her support and guidance as I learn my way through JCI not just local but state and national level too. I’ve learned that she is what this state needs to really show the rest of JCI that we are truly #unlimited and able to accomplish anything. While COVID has made for an interesting 2020 we need an individual who is ready, willing, and able to take us into 2021 and to continue to allow JCI Michigan to lead the way on the ever changing paths before us. – Samantha Jonas, JCI Greater Muskegon