Platform: Increased Recognition for General Members

One of the most memorable moments in my JCI Career was in 2012 at JCI MI Conference. Sarah Nelson was our President and she led us to Write Our Future. During the recognition ceremony as I was listening to her give a speech for the Jaycee of the Trimester I was really impressed by what this member had been doing – I had no idea until the end that it was me. As a General Member, the impact of being recognized for the things I was doing in my chapter was huge.

If elected, I plan to work with the Programming and Membership Vice Presidents to find ways to increase recognition for General Members – not just at Leadership Conferences, but throughout the year. I believe it’s important to ensure that members are recognized for outstanding efforts outside of Conference as well as during our Trimester Recognition Ceremonies.

I look forward to hearing feedback on thoughts or ideas for recognition from members as well. It’s important to know what things all of you value in recognition to ensure that JCI MI is providing the best program possible.