Platform: Long Term Strategic Planning

We have one year to lead and having a road map is integral in ensuring that we make the most of each year. If elected, I plan to appoint a committee chair and committee members to lead in creating a 5 year strategic plan for JCI MI. I believe that having a dedicated chair will ensure that the time and attention needed for such an important initiative is able to be directed into those efforts.

Some areas I believe our Strategic Plan needs to address:

  1. Member activation and retention – once we get members to join how do we engage them and keep them renewing their membership?
  2. Member recruitment – we need to continue bringing new members in to help us grow not only in our membership numbers but with ideas, skills, and thoughts as well.
  3. Leadership Development – how will we deliver on building leaders in the organization? What opportunities are available to members?
  4. What potential partners can we identify and how can we work together to realize our mission and vision?
  5. How will JCI MI follow the 5 pillars of Impact, Motivate, Invest, Collaborate, Connect?